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5 Things That Make Wordpress The Top Of Its Class

[font=Verdana, sans-serif]WordPress is one of the most popular and arguably the biggest open source software in the world today. Being a CMS or content management website for more than 15 years already, WordPress’ services are among the most trusted as proven by the number of domains they serve today which is roughly 25-30% of the whole domain population. This number is rising as the days come by with more and more people choosing WordPress to host their business sites or blogs.[/font]
[font="Verdana",sans-serif]But what really makes WordPress the top of its kind? How did it reach these numbers? How did it gain its reputation?[/font]
[font="Verdana",sans-serif]Well, WordPress is who they are today simply because of their features and by nailing the basics and offering people a stable platform for different needs. With that said, [/font][url=][font="Verdana",sans-serif]should you use WordPress[/font][/url][font="Verdana",sans-serif] soon, here are some of the features and traits you will thank them for:[/font]
[b][font="Verdana",sans-serif]1. [/font][/b][b]Website templates[/b]
[font="Verdana",sans-serif]Not the most creative one in the room? Well, WordPress can help you with that.[/font]
[font="Verdana",sans-serif]Some people are afraid to make a website as they see this task as a very complex thing to do. However, with numeroususer-friendly features such as website templates, WordPress can turn help you get your creatives juices flowing.[/font]
[b][font="Verdana",sans-serif]2. [/font][/b][b]Plugins[/b]
[font="Verdana",sans-serif]Perhaps the biggest feature of WordPress, plugins allow you to put in more features to your websites. Plugins are created by millions of developers from around the world and some of these additional features can really make your life much easier and put you on top of your rivals in no time.[/font]
[b][font="Verdana",sans-serif]3. [/font][/b][b]SEO ability[/b]
[font="Verdana",sans-serif]SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most important concepts that online businesses or blog have to familiarize themselves with. Due to the sheer traffic of websites in the world, it isn’t really logical to expect everybody to see your content, right?[/font]
[font="Verdana",sans-serif]However, through search engine optimization, your posts will have a better chance of appearing in search engines. WordPress itself is optimized and you can even get SEO plugins to increase your potential.[/font]
[b][font="Verdana",sans-serif]4. [/font][/b][b]Publishing and content tools[/b]
[font="Verdana",sans-serif]Not everybody can man their sites 24/7 and WordPress knows that. Through this CMS’ publishing tools, however, you can easily manage your content. From scheduling posts to editing tools and creating drafts, WordPress tools can help you run your site with convenience.[/font]
[b][font="Verdana",sans-serif]5. [/font][/b][b]Open community[/b]
Finally, with all those technical features and a lot more to be aware of, you may think that using WordPress will require reading a 100-page manual but that is not the case. Everything is in the internet now and due to its large community of users, troubleshooting and finding a solution for any problems can be easily accessed through different forums. This is the effect of an open community.
The capabilities of WordPress are truly undeniable due to these features. There are a lot more where these things came from and all you have to do now is to explore them.

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