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Detoxifying Through Detox Foot Patches

The detox foot patch works by first attaching it on the sole of the feet prior to retiring to bed or when seated in a sedentary position. They work overnight to suction toxins from the body. Through stimulation of acupuncture points and reflexology areas, the active ingredients in detox foot patches initiate the process of detoxification. The osmotic process (similar to that used by plants in the absorption of water and nutrients from the soil) is applied by the detox foot patches. The design of detox foot patches is such that the active ingredients of bamboo vinegar and tourmaline stimulate the process. Detox foot patches are an Asian innovation derived from oriental medicine. Oriental medicine relied on bamboo vinegar to ease pain and alleviate irritation.
With increased pollution in our environment due to increased industrial activity and release of greenhouse gases (GHG), the air, water, and foods ingested by human beings are increasingly loaded with toxic matter. It is hard to avoid intake of toxins today. It is for this reason that the UN through the Kyoto protocol came up with the sustainable development goals. The objective was to encourage countries to embrace green and lean production methods and minimize the use of plastics and release of GHG into the atmosphere. Increased pollution is also blamed for changing weather patterns and global warming. In light of the effects of pollution, detoxifying the human body becomes increasingly necessary.
There are many methods and benefits of detoxification. Detox foot patches have unique benefits as highlighted below.
[b]Enhanced mental activity[/b]: [url=]Detox foot patches enhance blood circulation[/url], therefore, improving the absorption of oxygen and nutrients and their transfer into vital body organs. The brain feeds on oxygen and nutrients. With the more unhindered intake of the nutrients, brain cells become more active. The active ingredients in detox foot patches will also stimulate acupuncture points to produce a soothing effect that helps to boost a person’s general mood.
[b]Restful night[/b]: The active ingredients in detox foot patches help to enhance the circulation of blood and lymph, therefore, causing the muscles to relax. The outcome is a night of proper sleep. In the morning, the body is invigorated and energized with readiness to take on daily activities.
[b]Enhanced immunity[/b]: One of the dangerous effects of increased toxicity is vulnerability to infections and diseases. Toxins cause the lymphatic system to become derailed therefore affecting the immune system. With detoxification, the level of impurities in lymph is reduced which helps in improving immunity. This means that the body is able to fight disease-causing infections better.
[b]Detoxification[/b]: The osmotic process is the science applied by detox foot patches. The anions generated by tourmaline produce infrared rays that stimulate the acupuncture points. The anions are known to have a negative charge which adheres to the positively charged metals of lead and arsenic. Bamboo vinegar consequently suctions the heavy metals and poisons from the body through the pores of the skin. Naturally, the body pushes toxins from the heart to the extremities with the help of gravity. It is because of this effect that the lower limbs contain higher levels of toxins hence making the feet most appropriate for attaching detox foot patches.
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