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Understanding The Fundamentals of Bulk SMS As A Marketing Tool

If you have been a Smartphone user, you may already be aware of what a Short Message Service (SMS) is about. Through SMS service, you can both send and receive short messages, which are up to 160 characters, on your mobile phone, usually called the text message. The cost of a text message is usually a lot less than a mobile phone call. SMS service supports several languages, including logographic such as Chinese and Japanese. They can also carry binary data, which makes it possible to send Logo and Images via SMS.
When you perhaps be sending or receiving SMS on your phone, you may not beware that SMS can be effectively used as a marketing tool by businesses to communicate with their workers and clients alike. When a business intends to send an SMS to a number of recipients simultaneously, this process is known as bulk SMS. These messages are sent through online software. There are several companies out there offering bulk SMS messaging and SMS gateway services at lower rates. Some services cover a specific area or country, whereas others offer services internationally. You can enjoy a guaranteed immediate delivery of [url=]bulk SMS[/url] in Nigeria to all GSM operators with a personalized sender ID at only 0.65 kobo per unit.
While you are considering opting for a bulk SMS gateway provider, it is vital that you take into account several different aspects in this regard. Below is a short roundup of some of the crucial ones you must keep in mind.
How Do You Want To Send The SMS?
Firstly, you need to consider how you want to send your messages and which type of services you require? Do you have to install an SMS application on your system or you can access an SMS service via Web? Do you want to send multimedia messages? Or looking for two-way messaging?
Choose The Best Providers
Sadly, mobile operators do not conform to just one standard protocol to connect to their SMS center – each one of them has their own set of protocol. This means that if you want to send bulk SMS to different providers, you need to look for a bulk SMS gateway service that can easily link with different GSM networks. It is imperative to ensure that your provider to access all mobile operators that you intend to reach.
There are several crucial elements that should be taken into account while picking a bulk SMS service for your business. Make sure you choose the best only as this is how you would be reaching your current as well as potential clients anywhere in the world.

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