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Siteground Pricing And Plans Review

Not only the quality of the service is the one you are very concerned of when you are developing, managing and running your own website. You also need a web hosting service that offers a very reliable and high performing service at a very affordable and competitive budget. This is the most preferred option especially by small and medium business owners, freelance bloggers and startup companies. Even large corporations opt to have a deal with the best yet cheap web hosting provider.
If affordability between web hosting providers is talked about, then Siteground is really for you. Here is an [url=][font="Verdana",sans-serif]example of a review[/font][/url] brought to us by MangoMatter.
[b]Web Hosting Plans[/b]
Siteground delivers enough features fit to what you really pay. As of time of writing, they offer three different kinds of packages depending on the features that you need your website to have. These are the following.
[b]Siteground Startup[/b]
As what its name suggests, this package offers a basic yet comprehensive package for companies that just started to launch their website. It is truly perfect for novices while still being very compatible with the standard volume of traffic that reaches up to ten thousand visits each month.
Included in the package is 10 gigabytes of web space, five server locations, free cloudflare cdn, support for a single website, free domain name, migration and setup service, and full access to panel and customer support. With these jam-packed features, it is truly very affordable among others.
[b]Siteground Growbig[/b]
If you want things to climb up a notch then Growbig is the perfect one for you. It is specificslly made for website owners that needs to host multiple websites successfully yet cheaply without needing to shell out for multiple accounts. Signing up to the service entitles you to up to 25000 visits per month, 20gb of web space, speedy access, free HTTP/2 and SSL certificate and full wordpress and joomla support.
[b]Siteground Gogeek[/b]
If your website needs advanced features and capabilities then Gogeek is the one you need. It allows you to host multiple websites cheaply without troubling with downtimes, slow loading times and other errors. It will allow up to 100000 visits per month and includes premium features specifically made for advanced web developers like ecommerce features, performance tools, hardware, 30gb of web space, wordpress staging, and PCI compliant servers.
[b]Choose the most perfect Siteground plan for you[/b]
Siteground is truly one of the best web hosting providers when it comes to the plans that they offer. Get siteground for your site now with MangoMatter.


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