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Are You Getting What Your Body Needs?

Everyday, living mechanisms inside the human body are working together to achieve each designated roles and functions – carrying blood cells and oxygen to different pathways, sending nerve signals to stimulate movements, digesting food with the help of enzymes, and a lot more systematic processes. On the other hand, to create a fire there must be a fuel, same as how the human body needs vitamins, minerals, and dietary components that the own body cannot produce by itself.
One of the most effective and safest nutrients that help the body in its daily routines is the ascorbic acid or vitamin C with its importance to the human body such as a barrier against prenatal health complications, immune system deficiencies, eye diseases, and cardiovascular disorders. The human body requires about 75 mg vitamin C for women and 90 mg vitamin C for men daily – making vitamin C an everyday requirement that people should consume.
[font="Verdana",sans-serif]Vitamin C can be acquired through eating ascorbic acid-rich fruits and vegetables including guava, oranges, kiwi, strawberries, bell peppers, broccoli, kale, and more; whereas some people prefer to take supplements to meet their vitamin C needs. What are the health benefits that people can get from taking supplements? Particularly, the [/font][url=][font="Verdana",sans-serif]Topical Vitamin C Patch[/font][/url] – a supplement that enhances the intake and usage of the essential nutrient vitamin C, combined with a bursting flavor and essence of natural citrus bioflavonoids and quercetin.
[b]Lessens the Risk of Chronic Diseases[/b]
Acting as boosters that benefit the body’s immune system, vitamin C is determined to have a strong level of antioxidants that can builds up the body’s natural defenses. According to scientific researches, having more intake than the regular ones can increase the blood’s antioxidant levels by about 30%, helping the body defense fight against inflammation and most importantly, reduce the risk of having chronic cardiovascular diseases.
[b]Boosts the Immune System[/b]
Vitamin C absorption complements appropriately with white blood cells, helping the immune system build its barriers against infections and foreign bodies invading the human system. The nutrient helps the body in producing white blood cells called phagocytes and lymphocytes which help the body fight against infections, promote faster wound healing, offer protection from potentially harmful molecules like free radicals, and acts as an antioxidant that makes the skin barriers stronger.
[b]Protects Thinking and Memory[/b]
As people experience aging, vitamin C can play a vital role in reducing the increased risk of developing disorders linked to memory and thinking like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease that are felt by about 35 million older adults. Dementia are often being developed due to oxidative stress and inflammation in the parts of the nervous system, brain, spine, and nerves whereas vitamin C acts a strong antioxidant that improves impaired thinking ability.

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