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Are eSports a Real Sport or Not?

Nowadays, there is much more debate than ever before about eSports and whether or not they should be classified as real sports. Below, we will be going over some of the different reasons why they should be classified as real sports.
[b]Reasons eSports Are Real Sports: [/b]
[b]1. Popularity[/b]
When it comes to classifying sports, one of the most important elements is the popularity of the said sport. The fact is, eSports and their respective leagues and tournaments now have more active viewers and attendees than some of the most popular sports in the entire world. In fact, these tournaments and leagues have sold out arenas across the globe including some of the biggest arenas. Because of this dramatic rise in popularity, it is very difficult not to classify it as a sport. In fact, due to its rising popularity, even professional athletes in traditional sports and front office executives and officials are investing in their own respective eSport teams. Teams like Manchester City and even West Ham have signed eSport rising stars to represent them in various tournaments for Fifa which is one of the biggest competitive games throughout the world.
Along with this, many sports teams in North America have followed the same shift in popularity of eSports by investing in many different eSport teams for different games. Teams like the Golden State Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers, Milwaukee Bucks, and even the Sacramento Kings have invested in multiple League of Legends teams paying over $2 million for their complete roster.
To add to this, all 32 NFL teams are planning on competing in an online Madden tournament in which the winner of the championship will end up winning tickets to Super Bowl LII.
The Olympics are even considering adding eSports to it starting in the 2024 Olympics. eSports have already ascended to that status for the 2022 Asian Games. With that being said, the Olympic's committee president did already state that eSports are not something that they will be adding anytime soon. However, with the dramatic rise in popularity and demand, it's not expected that it will remain that way for too much longer.
ESPN even gave into eSports as they now have a dedicated eSports news section on both their site itself and on television.
[b]2. Demanding Motor Skills[/b]
Another reason why [url=]esports[/url] should be considered an actual sport is that of the demand and skill that it takes. The fact is, eSport athletes are able to achieve up to 400 movements on the keyboard and mouse every minute. This ends up being over 4 times more than the average person. Because both hands are required to move and function optimally at the same time, it forces the person to utilize different parts of their brain consecutively. Along with this, you have to add in the complexity of the specific game being played which adds another layer to the equation. Once you factor in the complexity of the game, it requires not only highly effective motor skills, but also a firm and tactical understanding of the game in order to win.
Some of the players that play in various eSport leagues are required not only to be physically on top of their game but mentally as well. Typically, games require you to not only out skill your competition, but to out-think and outwit them as well.
[b]3. Training[/b]
Just like traditional sports athletes, eSports players have to train as much as 14 hours a day in order to achieve the level of precision and effectiveness that is required to play on the competitive scene. Not only do they need to train 14 hours a day, but they also require the kind of coaching that you would find in traditional sports leagues.
Without sufficient training, it is very unlikely that an eSport participant will be able to compete at the highest level and really achieve the kind of results that are expected just like a traditional sport.
[b]4. Injuries[/b]
While it might not sound too difficult to play eSports competitively, the amount of sitting and the time spent using the wrists in awkward ways can really take a toll on both hand and wrist health. Because of this, you will find a lot of injuries happening at a competitive level of eSports.
[b]5. Competition[/b]
When it comes to classifying something as a sport, the biggest factor is likely competition. Because these players are going up against the best players in the specific game during these tournaments, they are playing at the highest level. Thus, the level of competition is through the roof. Also, because of the sports growing popularity, more and more advertising money is flowing in. Therefore, some of these teams and players are playing for extremely high stakes which only makes the leagues that much more competition. As a result, it simply has to be classified as a sport. There are multiple teams competing to beat each other to win a prize. If that is not the ultimate competition, then what is?
[b]6. Money[/b]
As noted above, the amount of money coming into the eSports scene not only enhances the competition and the high stakes, but it makes it so that more and more advertisers are interested in sponsoring these tournaments and it even makes it so more potential players look into getting into a league themselves. Right now, advertisers can't get their money into eSports fast enough. Everyone is looking to cash in on eSports because of the monetary potential that it offers and that it is expected to bring in the coming years.
While you might not be familiar with the games that are being played, there is no denying that eSports are a true sport. You are likely going to be familiar with a variety of aspects of eSports which help you understand its classification as a sport such as the level of training required for ultimate proficiency, the level of competition being displayed, the popularity and fans, MVP's, comebacks, and underdogs. Everything is there that is in a traditional sport.


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