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VANIQA Exclusive Cream to Reduce Hair Growth on Face

Eflornithine was originally created to treat cancer in the later year 1970’s. But it was constituted to be incapable of curing malignant cancer cells. Even so the study leads to the discovery of its appropriate medical purpose that was efficacious to lessen the growth of hair and furthermore in the treatment of African Trypanosomiasis with special focus on West African form. Eflornithine is market in the brand name Vaniqa.
Vaniqa is a medical treatment for abnormal growth of hair on face where hair is normally absent or there is only minimal production of hair. The active ingredient Eflornithine in Vaniqa is a medication used to reduce excessive hair growth on women. It is specially formulated for the condition of hirsutism in women. Classify as the only topical cream prescribed by physician to reduce and slow down the development of hair on face. Vaniqa works by attacking the enzyme known as ornithine decarboxylase. The cream controls the purpose of the enzyme by blocking it, resulting to a reduction on hair growth and minimizing the progress of new hair.
[b]Application and Healing Progress[/b]
Vaniqa is developed as cream which is applied to reduce unwanted facial hair in women [url=][/url].
Spread small amount of this cream evenly on the part with abnormal hair development. Mostly application is done twice a day with at least eight hours interval after administration of the medicine. It is advisable to perform skin sensitivity test the first time of using the product to find out the sensitivity of the skin. Always wash and pat dry the surface of the skin before using the cream. Wait for five minutes before applying cosmetics or sun protection. Do not forget to wash hands after using the cream. Bear in mind that the cream is exclusively formulated for face and is not prescribed on other parts of the body.
Vaniqa takes effect from two to four months of continues use. Based on several studies conducted maintaining the proper dosage of application after 24 weeks produce a better result on hair reduction on face.
[b]Doctors Consultation[/b]
While, there is a lot of reviews and posted articles for the affectivity of Vaniqa as hair loss treatment. Proper prescription is still advisable. Registered doctor for the specific case is nevertheless important to solve every health issues. Always consult your doctor and take time to read instruction and leaflet inside the box of the medicine before taking any medicine.

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