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Understanding Prebiotic Supplement

The human gut is covered with microscopic organisms; mostly bacteria. These organisms create microbiome –a micro-ecosystem in the gut. The microorganisms and the microbiome play a huge role when it comes to the health of the gut, as well as, the overall health of the GI. Additionally, the health of the gut can affect one person’s mood and behavior.
Two of the essential forms that help maintain the balance in the gut – the probiotics and prebiotics. The probiotics are living microorganisms (strains of beneficial bacteria) that naturally lives and can be added to the gut through food, supplement, and drug intake; the probiotic helps keep the gut from growing undesirable bacteria that can lead to numbers of GI problems.
The prebiotics, on the other hand, is a type of fiber that serves as food for probiotics. The prebiotics is obtained through eating fiber-rich foods, which goes through the small intestine and undigested. The undigested food will be fermented as it reaches the large colon. The process of fermentation will feed the probiotics, as well as, other beneficial colon bacteria; which keeps the entire gut healthy and functional.
Other than the food, prebiotics can also be obtained through supplementation. One of the [url=https://basiknutrition.com/]clean nutritional supplements[/url][b] [/b]that contain powerful prebiotics is Basik’s Essential Pre-Bio. As mentioned, prebiotics is fiber-rich foods, which often include the following:
[b].[/b] Legumes
Prebiotics can also be obtained through supplements and even drugs. The prebiotics on supplements usually contains fermentable fiber; you can [url=https://www.muscleandstrength.com/nutrition]view the website[/url] to get into details about the reliable prebiotic supplement that is available in the market today.
Unlike probiotic supplements, the prebiotic supplement isn’t affected by acidity or heat and it can reach the gut intact and ready to get fermented for probiotics to consume. However, you should take note that not all prebiotic supplements are the same; the action of the supplement can depend on the ingredients found in the prebiotic supplement that you will take; [url=https://www.harpersbazaar.com/beauty/diet-fitness/g8160/diet-health-fitness-trends/]this source[/url] offers a prebiotic supplement that is packed with powerful ingredients.
[b]What are the advantages of taking prebiotic supplements?[/b]
Oftentimes, the foods you eat do not contain prebiotics or the prebiotics available are not enough to keep the probiotics working. Taking a prebiotic supplement is one of the best ways to support the health of the gut. Plus, most of these supplements are highly stable and can be stored on long-term storage, unlike probiotics.
[b]What do prebiotic supplements do?[/b]
As mentioned not all prebiotic supplements are the same with the same target of bacteria that it can feed; however, in general, most prebiotic supplements that are formulated in the market today were manufactured with these following health benefits:
1. To boost the natural energy
2. Support the health of the digestive system
3. Promotes healthy gut
4. Helps reduce stomach and bowel discomfort
5. Promote overall wellness
6. Improve calcium absorption
7. Support the growth of probiotic bacteria
[b]Are there possible side-effects?[/b]
Side-effects on taking prebiotic supplements largely occur if it was consumed more than what is instructed. So, before taking the supplement, make sure to read the manufacturer’s instruction or you should consider purchasing a reliable and safe prebiotic supplement from Basik.

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