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A dream come true office area in Bangalore

Everybody has a shuttle and different concept of working place for them and that's perfectly fine because in India, a working place is worshipped as a temple and it's a combination of a lot of emotions which we have. So it becomes very difficult for any property dealer or builder to build such an office space which will satisfy all the needs of each and every person who will live there. But this has been solved by Prestige Tech Cloud Group which has been set up an office complex named as [url=https://www.addressofchoice.com/prestige-tech-cloud-bellary-road-bangalore-p45595][b]Prestige Tech Cloud Park in Bangalore[/b][/url]. Since Bangalore is considered as the IT hub of India so many office spaces are being required for the company which is going to hire new interns or aspirants.
[u]Some overview of Specifications[/u]:
The future office area or project location now is in KIAL, Bellary Road, Devanahalli, Bangalore. The total area of the project covers around 33 acres of land which is pretty huge and spacious. The total numbers of units in this project would be 1214 units. There are in total of 7 towers which will be well equipped and designed according to an office scenario. The idea has been reached a final stage and the possession will be started in 2023 after the proper construction will be completed. So, the basic specifications of this office area are mentioned above. Read more: [font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][url=https://www.computertechreviews.com/definition/software-defined-wan-sd-wan/]SD-WAN[/url][/font]
[u]What is "Group Buy" and how you can join such an offer?[/u]
Since, it is an investment for future so it has all the facilities and specifications which will keep you ahead from all of your competitors. So the price of this investment is a bit high according to current other investment but it doesn't mean that you'll be lost in any way if you invest in something very nice now. It will help you excelling now and after 5-10 years also. So "Group Buy" is a concept that allows several investors who are interested to buy any plot but aren't able to give the full amount so they are being advised to join a group of those investors who are interested in buying the plot and are interested to buy it together also. So "Group Buy" will help you get a "whole-sale price" of that particular plot.
[u]Some of the structural specification in details:[/u]
The R.C.C. frame structure which has been done in the solid blocks has really made it super long-lasting any mishap resistant. The paints which will be used are ACP and textured paints also which will give a textured feeling altogether. The doors are totally flush doors types and the doors are provided with every types of fitting required. One more thing which is very beneficial to help our environment is integrated water harvesting system which has been inculcated in this project area. Lift is provided in every tower since it is a huge building complex thus lifts are required in such buildings. Security forces will be appointed so that the building will be manually guarded and to help the security forces CCTV cameras will also be installed which has definitely become and the necessity for all the buildings. The price starts at 2500 sq. ft. office space starts from 1.83 Crores so if you are interested to do contact the builders and get it pre-booked.

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