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How to Improve Battery Life of Gaming Laptop

Due to the high power consuming GPU inside the gaming laptops, continuously decreasing battery life is one the major issues with the gaming laptop. Changing laptop battery twice a year is not a good deal. The market is full of alternative gaming laptop batteries but replacing the genuine battery with something else from the market is also not an expert's recommendation.
Following are some simple to follow tips that can help you to improve the battery life of your cheap gaming laptop. Let us one thing clear here that not all the tricks mentioned here work with every laptop.
[b]Remove Unwanted Programs[/b]
Offload the unnecessary programs from your machine and make it feel bit lighter. Go to your [b]Control Panel> Add or Remove Programs [/b]and check everything installed on your computer. Delete if there is something unnecessary.
Sometimes there are certain programs that aren't installed by us and come with the free software we install as ad-ware. As grandma used to say, there are no free lunches. These ad-wares display ads using ugly ways and put a lot of strain on our machine which makes it consumes more power.
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[b]Good Charging Habits [/b]
There is a lot of discussion on this topic and researchers have a different point of view on this. But there are few things on which we can agree upon. Followings are those points that can help you better charge your laptop battery without damaging your laptop.
Make sure the charger is genuine or 100% compatible as per the manufacturer's description
Power coming to your house is stable
Do not charge from the UPS batteries
Always charge when the battery is completely empty or keep it connected
Do not charge when the battery is half-drained out
[b]Browsers Consume Too much Power[/b]
Browsers consume too much power especially the Google Chrome. Keeping only the needed browser tabs is very helpful to shrink the power & CPU consumption of your gaming laptop. Read more: [font=sans-serif][b][url=https://247amend.com/2018/10/what-are-safety-measures-when-using.html]computer safety measures[/url][/b][/font]
“The Great Suspender” is a very good Google Chrome extension that will suspend tabs you aren’t using to free up RAM and CPU power for other tasks. When you want to use that certain tab, just click in the middle of the window of that tab and your tab will reload again.
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Here we have some good practices that can help you to improve the battery life of your gaming laptops. But there are certain other tips also that are bit controversial such as software available that help you do that. Please feel free to share your feedback about this with us.

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