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The Internet Influencers are now hesitantly and faintly counting them as a blogger. They engage themselves in Instagram blogging. They are taking their Instagram account as important blog account where they post long caption, a promotional partnership with particular brands and regularly engaging in communication with followers.
[b]Why not Instagrammer[/b]
Based on Internet terminology, the shift lies between Instagrammer and Blogger is subtle. The Internet culture is now getting consumed mostly by Influencers. Followers, you can increase their count by visiting [url=http://www.insta4likes.com/]www.insta4likes.com/[/url] and get likes, comments, and fans can now interact with them via social media platform – Instagram – involving exclusive sponsorship. There was a time when blogs were secure and private with limited space, used to share and spread the passion of various people. While on the other hand, Instagram space is curated with commercialization with the professionally built model. Still, people prefer to be called Instagram blogger and not by Instagrammer.
[b]How did this happen[/b]
It has been two decades since the term“blogger” was coined in the internet world. As things were getting discovered online, the meaning was also getting changed alongside. There was a time when jumping from one blog to another via link bridge and then on another and another – forming a forest like a network with full of delights where only by chance you could trip. But now, the content, people are reading, learning and displaying is getting served to them with lesser curiosity and aimless mind and more by tactfully customized and personalized formula based on [url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_media]social media[/url] where more than half population spend their free time.
And thankfully, the new upcoming “bloggers” are facing a hard time in creating a focal point around their blog among the crowd that is full of attractive and lucrative blog spaces of fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and wellness. At the very same minute, it has seen that influencers are being provided with more internet tools like – e-commerce, group chat messenger, direct chat messenger – to keep themselves and their follower engaged around them only and not letting them go anywhere else.
And thus, bloggers have separated the sharing space of business and fashion laws into different categories of the debatable Internet landscape.
[b]The mixed figures of blogging[/b]
There are many successful examples of bloggers who started blogging with beautiful content written in their perfection but who are now getting popularity because of their transformation into business extensions. The Influencer and Blogger of the revised version are now getting considered as apt social media Influencer or A-lister who once never had a blog of their own, to begin with. The term got discovered from the lost figures of social blogging founded on the Instagram blog. The term blogger was used to be defined as the less reputable word for editors who don’t have experience or training of technicality in the editing field. The term has a very light snobbery touch of a mixture whose half shades are social media platform blogs, and half are Instagram blogs. So, it is now getting predicted that it will be a matter of time when Instagrammer started doing the same with a blogger who will be usurping the editors.
It was the blogger’s job who was helping brands in reaching out to people by writing reviews about them and getting paid for sponsoring the content, and this was the time when blogging –people used to think of blogging as pastime hobby but now has changed its role to a profession. And now slowly things are moving to a point when people confidently addresses themselves as Instagrammer just like they called themselves as a blogger now. The meaning of both the terms will become seismic.
[b]Getting paid for influencing content on Instagram[/b]
An influencer is now not in the mood to willingly throw themselves into the pool of doing extra effort of creating a single stand-alone website while they are already getting paid generously for influencing their content as a personal blog on their robust Instagram account. It’s a widely written note that it's much simpler and quicker to post on Instagram with easy copy/paste than writing a long-crafted blog. Well, if talking about the final result, an image with a caption which is a gun of a fully loaded word or a momentary story –the overall package sounds less appealing as compared to a richly drawn blog with the words crafted to compel readers to read their content
[b] The Lying risk on the single social platform[/b]
The Instagram – [url=https://www.forbes.com/sites/jaysondemers/2017/03/28/why-instagram-is-the-top-social-platform-for-engagement-and-how-to-use-it/]a single most influential ranked social platform[/url] – indeed lie at the tip of influencer's commercial crux. But social media platforms are like a ticking bomb which when goes off have the power of flipping the coin and dramatically cause a drastic change in the ways how influencer, right now, making money through their content getting posted at every day and night. Many creative publishers state that due to the recent changes in the algorithmic policies of other social media like Facebook, YouTube, etc. Even YouTube sensation admits that it has become challenging to monetize their work with all thanks to the latest changes in monetization system.
Many influencers are playing smartly on the social media platform by not shuffling all their decked cards from the bunch on those platforms which they can’t keep in control. A smart lot of influencers are now stepping out with new games where they are not getting separate from Instagram completely, but the veto they still hold is now getting used in launching the rocket of their brand. The influencer anticipates the fallout as the efficacy of the whole influencer market. Now people are waiting for that fallout and want to see when the next Internet sensational platform is due.
Instagram, with its uniqueness of promoting content through hashtags and video boomerang style and a story featuring strong focus things with long captions handcrafted with the hashtag and customized content. It is now killing the mood of people to read long blogs. Instagrammer coining themselves as Blogger can now be seen as an unspoken cold war.

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