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Guide to Installing a Fence

The right fence serves as a border for your property, gives you privacy and keeps your kids and pets safe. If you are looking to install a new fence, there are so many things to consider. You will need to do some planning to and research before you buy your fencing materials.
Follow the following [url=https://aaafencemaster.com/a-laymans-guide-to-shopping-and-installing-a-for-a-high-quality-privacy-fence/]guide to install a fence[/url].
· What purpose will your fence serve? Are you looking for security, privacy or beauty? For privacy purposes, you will require a tall fence with minimal or no gaps. If you just want to keep your kids and pets secure in your yard, then you need to have a secure and sturdy fence that is not necessarily tall.
For ornamental purposes and defining your property, you will look at color and design. Picket fences are the best for this purpose.

· Regulations: Every neighborhood has its own set rules and regulations. Contact your HOA and local building authorities to make sure that your preferred fence meets the set standards. Know the requirements in terms of height, color, fencing materials and location of the fence. Also find out about the permits that are required for these kinds of projects.

· Consult your neighbors: It’s always good to have a good relationship with your neighbors. If your fence will border your neighbor’s yard, it’s important to discuss with them to avoid any unnecessary disputes. They might also be planning to build a fence and may agree to split the cost with you on the fence that divides your property.

· Utility lines: When you are installing a fence, you will need to dig deep into the ground. This might interfere with any utility lines that run along that area. For your own safety and peace of mind, contact the local utility companies to know whether there are utility lines buried in the area. Most companies will provide this information and service for free.

[font=Symbol]· [/font]Map it out: Before you build your fence, you will need to have a layout of how you want your fence to look like. Factor in the gate, lawn equipment, and garbage and recycling containers to make your installation process simple. Ensure that your fence is installed in the right property lines.
[b]Types of fence to choose from[/b]
1. Wood fencing: Thisis the most common type of fencing and has been around for ages.Wood is readily available and easy to install, making it a good fencing material. It offers full privacy and adds color and life to your home.
It is cost effective and you can change the look of your fence anytime by staining.
2. PVC/vinyl fencing: This offers the widest variety when it comes to choice of fencing materials. It is made of recycled materials, making it nontoxic since it is not treated using harmful chemicals. Its 5 times stronger than wood, making it more durable.
Its low maintenance; it only requires cleaning with normal household cleaning agents to leave it as good as new.
Bamboo: If you are looking to go green, this is the best choice of fencing material. It is durable and long-lasting and offers a good privacy fence choice.


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