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How is Instagram becoming the king of social media marketing?

Instagram is a ready market. This platform has over 700 million active monthly users. Opportunities do not sleep on Instagram. It depends on a business how it will leverage the unique features of the social media platform to its advantage.
Marketing on Instagram is more rewarding since it offers 400% more user engagement than Facebook and Twitter. Most Instagrammers love to shop. All you need to do is present them with products. Let us find out how Instagram is making it possible for brands to convert passive shoppers into active shoppers.
[b]Get an optimized business account for Instagram[/b]
If you are going to use [url=https://visualmodo.com/instagram-stories-promote-business/]Instagram for your business[/url], you might as well do it properly. Your account needs to be a business account where your [url=https://instamacro.com/]Instagram followers[/url] will find all the information they need to make a buying decision.
Instagram makes sure that you can put a live (website) link in your account bio. Make the most of the opportunity and include keywords that describe your products and services in your bio too. The easiest bio writing formula that works for almost everyone: who you are + what you do + keywords for brand value/personality.
Hashtags in the bio do not make any difference. Your bio does not contribute to searchable content on the app or Google. Unless you are running a hashtag campaign, do not sweat it.
[b]Create pop content[/b]
Popular content sells. Popular content includes easy spellings, day-to-day phrases, small words and interesting photos. Since your picture is worth a thousand words on Instagram, make sure you use the latest business-friendly filters for your posts.
About 35% of social media users say the posts they come across influence their buying decisions. Your brand has many opportunities to reach out and influence potential buyers. Instagram gives all users a great opportunity to display their products without harping on about their exceptional qualities.
Use professional photos for your products. We are not suggesting you hire a pro photographer with a mighty DSLR. We are suggesting you find out the right composition, color theme and frame for each photo before you post them. You can read expert photography blogs that talk about business [url=http://www.aboutfeed.com/]marketing on Instagram[/url].
Instagram is the best place to find dedicated buyers. You can always include popular hashtags to increase your discoverability. Use popular keywords relevant to your products and services. Alternately, you can use hashtag suggestion tools to find popular hashtags that will get you an appropriate audience.
[b]Is there a size constraint for pro photos?[/b]
Even common Instagrammers avoid unnatural crops and awkward tilts. Instagram has a penchant for square photos. While taking a photo, choose a square frame. This will prevent the loss of information at the edges. Make sure; your image fits within a 612 by 612 pixels image.
For best effects, choose a square photo. Then open it in Adobe Photoshop. You can resize the picture to 1024 by 1024 pixels. This will keep preserving the crisp quality of the picture. Instasize and Squareready are two other apps that can create Instant-ready photos.
With over 70 million photos on Instagram every day, you need to pick the right filter. Being visible depends on your hashtags, it also depends on the filters you choose. For example, recent studies show that the Mayfair filter attracts the most interactions from users. The choice of filter does depend on your business profile as well. A law firm cannot go with Inkwell or Moon just because it makes their profiles look pretty. Each filter contributes to traffic and interaction. You need to premeditate on your filter selection before you can post your picture.
[b]Promotions and announcements[/b]
Everyone loves special offers. No matter what you are selling, your followers would like a slice of it. Over 41% of all Instagrammers follow a brand so they can catch the early bird discounts, promotions, and free offers.
Text overlay is a great feature that lets you advertise your promotion right on the photo. This is both stylish and useful. If you want to pick your fonts, use apps like Over, PicLab and Photo.
If you need inspiration, check out Starbucks’ Instagram profile. They always stick to predictable and popular #PumpkinSpiceLatter and #PSL to announce the launch of their favorite seasonal specialties.
You can visit here: [url=https://itphobia.com/how-to-watch-private-youtube-videos/]Watch private YouTube videos[/url]
[b]Share insider access[/b]
Psst…people always love their share of gossips and secrets. The key to keeping your Instagram followers talking is to keep them busy with exclusive insider access. Although only 5% of all Instagram posts tag a location, posts with a geotag get over 79% engagement.
Instagram is the only place where traffic directly turns into sales. You need to find out what your users want to see. Analyze your competitor content, follow your most active followers back and show off your brand aesthetics with panache.

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