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Four ways to make the world a better place in 2019

The world is going to hell in a hand basket, or so it seems. The planet is rapidly warming, inequality is widening despite record wealth, and people are sad & depressed (contrary to what their social media profile shows).
Are we doomed? Hardly – by taking decisive action, we can make this world better than we found it. In this article, we’ll share several ways you can make this happen.
[b](1) Join the Sunrise Movement
[/b]For years, an overwhelming majority of scientists have warned that humans are warming our planet. Now, we are on the precipice of triggering a catastrophic increase in global temperatures. To cap warming at two degrees Celsius (a bad but manageable amount of warming), we only have 12 years to cut carbon emissions significantly.
Unfortunately, politicians in America aren’t taking these dire warnings seriously. After all, most of them will be dead by the time the really bad effects start happening. It is on every person who cares deeply about this issue to start taking direct action [url=]for green action[/url] – if they don’t listen now, we make their lives miserable until they do.
All the fires, hurricanes, and water crises of the past few years is just the start. Let’s take action for a Green New Deal, and not only will we turn the tide on climate change, we’ll open doors towards economic and racial justice.
After a long day of political action, though, you’ll need to recharge your batteries somehow. If your thing is online gaming, there are plenty of sites online that has the action you crave. There are even sites that offer blackjack, roulette, and other casino games that accept cryptocurrency.
Here is an [url=]example of one method that will increase your risk even more[/url] than not taking action on climate change – the difference, being, of course, that losing won’t mean the end of civilization as we know it. Good luck and enjoy!
[b](2) Donate regularly to your local food bank
[/b]Stagnating (often shrinking when inflation is considered) wages have led to an increasing number of people dependent on the assistance of [url=]food banks[/url]. If you make enough money to have some left over after paying your expenses, consider buying a few food items for these organizations next time you are at the grocery store.
With an ever rising number of families in need, it will help keep children, who have none nothing to deserve the circumstances they find themselves in, get the nutrition they need to learn, grow, and thrive.
[b](3) Talk to lonely looking people
[/b]Our society has never been so connected, yet so alienated. We have forgotten the power of interpersonal relationships as we have buried our faces in our phones and tablets.
This has driven many into depression, and others to the brink of making the ultimate permanent mistake. By [url=]taking a minute to chat with someone[/url] who looks lonely, you could diffuse the thought process of something bent on self-destruction.
[b](4) Complain less, propose more solutions
[/b]The world is filled with people who have axes to grind. Everybody’s out for blood on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, but ask yourself, how does attacking others improve the order of the world?
By talking about how to solve the problems we face rather than pointing fingers, we could quickly make this planet a better place.


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