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Blog Promotion: Shortcuts to Make Your Life Easier

When you have a blog, chances are you want people to read what you write about. If not, then why post it online in the first place, right?
The quest to being a sought after influencer demands diligence and wit. As they say, it’s better to work smart than to work hard. Use tech advancements to your advantage. Below are some of the latest creations that will put an end to tedious manual promotion, so you can just focus on creating new content.
[b]3 Ways to Make Your Sharing More Efficient[/b]
[b]Automatic Sharer[/b]
Blog platforms like Wordpress have boxes you can tick if you want your update simultaneously posted to your Twitter or Facebook. The downside is not all social media platforms are covered. This also means you need to constantly have new content to keep up the updates, and we all know that creating quality content isn’t a just-add-water kind of thing.
Instead of stressing over what to write next and spending hours manually copying and pasting your blog post links to other social media accounts, why not get an automatic sharer?
Meet Edgar is one such app. When connected to your blog, it adds new content to its library and posts it to all your social media accounts. When you don’t have updates, it simply reposts older pieces, so your accounts appear always fresh, which is good for Google page ranking.
[b]Browser Plugins[/b]
One social network that’s constantly overlooked is LinkedIn. Sure, it’s not as fun as Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, but the professionals are there. They’re the ones looking for valuable content. They’re the ones looking for talent. They’re also the ones who have great knowledge and experiences to share.
Try to induce connection in LinkedIn via Dux-Soup. It’s a Chrome extension that scours profiles similar to yours. Since users are alerted when someone views their profile, chances are they’ll check yours out as well. If they like it, they can connect with you. It’s the foundation of trust, which can earn you people who will automatically share your content.
[b]Social Account Manager[/b]
Then there are the tried-and-tested tools like Hootsuite. If you prefer sticking to the basics, better use this web app to manage your social media and easily copy-paste your content. It also gives you a wider view of how your content does in different platforms all in one place.
There are more apps, plugins, and software that can help you automate your blog promotion. You can find them at [url=][/url]. But remember: we are promoting because we want to reach our target market. We want our customers to trust us enough to share our content or purchase our product or avail of our services. And the best way to gain trust is through word-of-mouth.
Forging meaningful relationships through an exchange of value, whether these be ideas or tangible items, will get you a more solid following that’s more willing to vouch for you because you shared yourself and your knowledge with them.

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    Blogs are the best way to convey our thoughts to others . Some may like it may have some other responses. But I like to know the response of everyone. This blog helps me to understand how I can make my post more efficient. It helps me a lot.

    Thursday, January 31, 2019 at 11:40:26 AM

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