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The Difference In Roles Between Web Developers And Designers

When people are outside of the website or tech industries, they may not have any idea of the intricacies of the differences between website developers and website designers. Many developers and designers use both terms interchangeably, likening themselves to either depending on the context.
But technically, the two terms do have differing meanings. Whether you’re looking to hire a website designer or a web developer to build you a website, then it’s important to know the difference in what the roles they each play.
Website designers: “Website designers” is a term used often in the industry as a catchall term. When referring to themselves as a web designer, people are commenting on a unique set of skills that they have, the most important being part of the name: “design”. This front-end design is the element of the site that clients see. The face of your website is created by them. They control the elements of the website that create the experience that your users have. The best web designers can use design principles to create a beautiful experience for your users that is intuitive and looks great. This is a particularly hard skill to be taught, as it uses creative skills to ensure a design looks aesthetically pleasing and suits the brand of each individual client.
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Website developers: There are two types of web developers, front end and back end. Of course, these two types overlap in a lot of areas, but both have their own unique purposes.
Front end developers take the visual design, created by a web designer, and creates it into code. They generally use a combination of HTML, Javascript and CSS. For more complex designs, back end development is necessary, but for simpler designs, back end development may not be necessary.
For the websites where back end development is necessary, a back end developer focuses on more advanced programming and functionality. This could include complex ecommerce sites, interactions with databases, implementing various software and API’s. If specific functionality needs to be created, back end developers are able to create this.
While many professionals in the website industry focus on a particular area, many take on more than one specific discipline as their specialty. This is a useful skill in the web design industry, as it helps communication across teams within each company.
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