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[b]Foot Patches A Hiker’s Secret Weapon?[/b]
H[color=windowtext]ow do we adventurers at keep healthy and extend the exhilaration of travel and love for life and family?[/color]
[color=windowtext]OK, full disclosure: foot pads are not a secret weapon. I just thought it was a catchy title and I really like them. [url=]The detox foot pads I recently started using[/url] are, in my humble opinion, epic. But, hiking can still effectively take place without them. I’d like to tell you a little bit about my experiences that introduced these little guys to me, and how I now feel like they’re an indispensable part of my healthy lifestyle (40 years death-free this week!).[/color]
[color=windowtext]Hiking through life[/color] [color=windowtext]Hiking is awesome. I have hiked all over the world. Now that I’m a grown-up with kids of my own, I’ve started doing small local hikes, and have re-discovered this little beautiful segment of the planet on which I reside. I also don’t want to die. [/color]
[color=windowtext]I never [i]wanted[/i] to die. But, I suppose I used to be indifferent to the length of my life after early senior citizenship. Now that I am at mid-life with two little ones, I have a “skin” in the healthy living game. I want to be above-ground for as long as possible to enjoy as many hikes and empart as much wisdom and good values into my girls’ lives. I started to take healthy living and life extension seriously last year. [/color]
[color=windowtext]Though I am partial to the Singularity hypothesis, I am not putting all my eggs into that basket. Nor, am I desperate to latch on to the many scam therapies out there. Take your cauldron somewhere else witchdoctors! It’s me (and science), not you. [/color]
[color=windowtext]Approaching life extension scientifically means looking at the main causes of early death and addressing the variables over which one has control. Among a few things, like heart health and diet, toxins are a major thing. Our environments, like the twin vices of tobacco and alcohol, conspire against our health in modern times. We are exposed to heavy metals and chemicals in our air and water, and doubly so in major cities. Toxins cause disease and, thus, early death. [/color]
[color=windowtext]So, I have taken on all habits that reduce toxins in my body. One strategy is called “continuing to be alive”. The witch-doctors (no offense to real ones) don’t want people to know that our bodies detoxify themselves. So, the act of [i]existing[/i] is all one needs to do to uphold the processes that detoxify the body. To [i]maximize [/i]detoxification, however, I consume certain foods and liquids that are proven enhancers to the body’s mechanisms for expelling toxins. The liver and colon are the target areas. [/color]
[color=windowtext]Detoxing[/color] [color=windowtext]I get results from cleanses. In my scientific approach, I quickly zeroed-in on recipes that aim to help along my body’s natural detoxification process. That means, rather than the voodoo of some of the detox magic I found online, I am ingesting natural products that make my liver and colon work better (at what they [i]do[/i] do). [/color]
[color=windowtext]Another detoxification habit that fits perfectly into my hiking lifestyle are detox foot pads. I get these little buddies right here. I apply them in the morning and then remove them in the late afternoon and flush them to oblivion. It’s amazing how many toxins are detectable on these after a day of use. [/color]
[color=windowtext]The website has all the evidence-based details, and I encourage anyone who’s interested to check them out [/color]- [url=][/url]
I am interested in learning more on this topic from the travellers and adventurers here on Don’t hesitate to chime and write something yourself on this site. Thank you in advance.

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