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International Holistic Dentist: Is That A Thing?

I [color=windowtext]have the type of job that allows me the flexibility to take a 6-month travel leave every four years or so. While I work hard for the financial buffer I enjoy, I am by no means “balling”. I work in bitcoin trading too, so one day, I may be balling or I may be fighting over the tether ball at a men’s shelter. It’s 50 / 50. So, I do things on a budget, and I “live among the people” (as it were) when travelling abroad. I enjoy culture, language and a whisper of foreign spirits (just enough to say I got loaded in the target location).[/color]
[color=windowtext]My travels give me the experiences that I translate into written tales documenting my adventure. And, “roughing it” generates more tales than staying at my favourite posh hotels (which I post anonymously to you’re welcome!) But, one thing I will not do without is [url=]access to effective dental care[/url]. Don’t laugh or judge. Well, you can judge, but do so keeping in mind we all have our particularities. [/color]
[color=windowtext]Holistic dentists here in this country[/color] [color=windowtext]Holistic dentists are just dentists. But the right ones have a breath of knowledge that outpaces regular old-fashioned dentists. They concern themselves with my overall health, and thus fit a niche previously occupied (in my opinion) by less qualified individuals. Holistic dentists have the same base qualifications as traditional dentists. They have a medical degree from an accredited institution and it’s framed on the wall of their offices. [/color]
[color=windowtext]When I see my holistic dentist (also called a biological dentist), she touches base with me on the state of my teeth, tongue and gums, but also we discuss the maintenance of my overall health and wellness. My holistic dentist introduced me to effective meditation, referred me to a specialist in gastrointestinal disorders (I had a thing), and always offers me tips on how to tweak my Keto diet. [/color]
[color=windowtext]In a nutshell, a holistic dentist looks after the “whole” you. I think that is where the name “holistic” comes from. Anyway, I see mine every three months. Did I mention my health care plan at work is the bomb? [/color]
[color=windowtext]If I am going to spend many months (and the plan is eventually years) in Europe, or Asia, or wherever, I have always wondered if I can transfer to a holistic dental practice elsewhere on the planet. Is it just a North American thing?[/color]
[color=windowtext]Holistic dentists abroad[/color] [color=windowtext]I am happy to report that my research has borne fruit. Here is a list of countries where I have identified the existence of holistic dentists:[/color]
[color=windowtext]The United Kingdom[/color]
[color=windowtext]The European Union (lots of countries)[/color]
[color=windowtext]...even CHINA! (hong Kong)[/color]
[color=windowtext]My research did not turn much up on the African continent, but South African cities do offer many businesses catering to the niche. I found this list, which could include other sorts of dental professionals, but likely has many holistic dentists listed (owing to their usual avoidance of any unnecessary toxins like mercury). Do your research if you, like me, decide to pursue this avenue. [/color]
M[color=windowtext]y next adventure begins soon. This time, I am off to Germany. When I write about this adventure, I will be sure to include a write-up on my experience with the dental professionals there, holistic or otherwise. To my fellow tooth-nerds at, I say thanks for reading. Anti-dentites need not apply![/color]
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