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Benefits and Functionality of Detox Foot Patches

The detox foot patch is a detoxification product with origins from Asia. It is said to facilitate and enhance cleansing of the body while one is asleep or sedentary. The natural ingredients are claimed to suction ingredients through the night. They are commonly attached on the sole of the feet because of the high blood concentration in the lower limbs. Some of the natural ingredients contained in detox foot pads include: oak vinegar, tourmaline, eucalyptus, Saurus Chinesis, Agarics mushroom, chitosan, Houttuynia Cordata, etc.
The detoxification foot patches are quickly gaining popularity in the western world but they have been used in Asia for decades. They are said to have many functional benefits, some of which include:
[b]Detoxification[/b]: Manufacturers claim that the greyish, reddish, and greenish color seen after a night of wearing them is evidence of toxins suctioned from the body. After occasionally [url=]wearing the detox foot pads[/url], the color will start to become lighter as an indication of lower levels of toxins in the body.
[b]Enhanced circulation of blood and lymph fluids: [/b]Through detoxification the toxin levels in the circulation system declines therefore increasing the intake of healthy nutrients in the body. This eventually enhances the body immune system and improves the users’ health.
[b]Better sleep and rest: [/b]The ability to experience relaxation and cognitive function is improved with better body functionality. It becomes possible to sleep faster and while asleep benefit from a good time of relaxing. This is how a normal body should function but toxins derail these functions.
[b]Enhanced lymphatic system[/b]: It is the lymphatic system that regulates the immune system. Foot patches eliminate toxins from lymph therefore allowing the lymphatic system to function better.
Other benefits include blood cell stimulation, enhanced body metabolism, and homeostasis.
[b]How detox foot patches function[/b]
The active foot patch’s ingredients work in unison to exude cleansing capabilities while the user is at sleep or at an immobile state. The natural ingredients stimulate the more than sixty acupuncture points located on the feet through the negative ions they produce. The negative ions are responsible for drawing toxins from the body. Tourmaline is the ingredient that produces negative ions through the medium of infrared rays. The negative ions heal and calm the body. The soothing effect sustained from the negative ions impacts the body organs. Tourmaline also helps release anxiety and stress from the body. Bamboo or wood vinegar is an ingredient that has been in use for decades for the purpose of soothing and as an antibiotic detoxifier. Bamboo vinegar suctions toxins from the body through the foot pores and assists in enhancing blood circulation.
[b]Safety concerns[/b]
The foot pads are made from natural non-hazardous ingredients. The only elements that get into the body are the negative ions produced by tourmaline. They are considered safe for use since you will not ingest any harmful foreign matter. In case you sustain some allergic reaction following the use of detox foot patches, you should discontinue their use immediately. People using detox foot patches are advised to take water in plenty, exercise regularly, and eat healthy.
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