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Be Clever To Make Your Own Logo And Save Your Money

[b]Do you want a great logo for your company?[/b]
Great logos are recognizable in a blink. They also should make a lasting impression. Target hits the bullseye, Nike goes swoosh, and Apple catches the eye[b].[/b][b] [/b]All three company’s iconic logos are unique, memorable and stand the test of time. They instantly and consistently do what a potent logo should: Identify a brand, make it stand out and, ideally, drive customer interest and sales. We all know great logo, but we don’t all know that great logos aren’t easy to create. From concept to colour to rollout, there’s much to consider when boiling your brand down to a single emblem.
[b]What types of logos are there?[/b]
Wordmarks are freestanding word or multi-letter abbreviation groupings comprising a logo, a.k.a. logotypes. Companies with wordmark logos include eBay, IBM, CNN, Google, Kleenex, and Saks Fifth Avenue and, yes, the publication you’re reading right now, Entrepreneur. Letterform logos are comprised of a single letter. Think Honda, Uber, Unilever, Beats and McDonald’s. Pictorial logos are illustrated symbols of recognizable things. Starbucks, Twitter and Playboy all have pictorial logos. Abstract logos don’t represent anything otherwise recognizable, like abstract art. Perhaps the most famous brand to successfully pull off an abstract logo is Nike.
[b]Which logo is best for promoting the company?[/b]
Unfortunately, there is no one type of logo that works for everyone, there is a nice saying. “Which fits you best depends a lot on your name and what you provide or make. “For example, if you have a short company name, a wordmark logotype could work well. Wordmarks and letterform logos generally help consumers remember your name better than abstract logos. If you opt for an abstract symbol, however, be sure it’s straightforward and mirrors the personality of your brand.
[b]Can you design your company logo yourself?[/b]
Previously it was difficult really difficult to design a logo for yourself. But it is now in your fingertips. Logo designers may demands to much sometime you can’t afford it. If you have a small company and you want to promote with an attractive logo you can visit [url=][b]free logo maker[/b][/url] and can make your desirable logo with few easy steps. The worst mistake of all, Wheeler says, is settling on a logo before seriously considering your key competitors’ logos. If your logo ends up similar to theirs, even in the slightest, customers might not be able to tell you apart and you could lose business.

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