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Why Its Important To Study What You Love?

Read this short article and get to know why it's important to build your future career on things you love the most.
Sometimes students can question themselves what they suppose to do in their future. This is a hard question, and we will explain you why it's quite important to study things you like. You should understand it doesn't worth your time and efforts to work on things you don't like at all. Of course, you may force yourself to study management when you hate it, but imagine your future life: you will have to work the entire life at a place you hate, and force yourself every day to do things you don't love at all. It's time to think thoroughly about your future and define what you mostly like to do. Here are reasons why:
[b]1. You cannot buy happiness for money[/b]
This is very true, you can study something you don't like to get a job in the future and earn good money. You will have a lot of money, you probably will be rich. But will you be happy to fulfill the work you hate? Will you be able to buy your happiness on all your money? Of course no, and according to some studies, connection between your job satisfaction is quite weak. That's why it is important to do what you want to do in this life. Remember that life is short, and don't waste your time on things you are not interested in.
[b]2. Feel the connection[/b]
Of course, you can go through studying and get a job you don't care about. But is it what you are truly looking for? You can have a work you hate, and still have some things you love. There is no sense in this, because you need to spend your time pursuing things you love to do. Just try it, and you will see how it works. For example, if you enjoy writing academic papers, and you did the best [url=]argumentative essay[/url] in your class, it doesn't mean you should study biology to become a laboratory assistant in the future, even if your parents expect this from you. If you enjoy writing, then write every day, create new articles, make a blog, write a book maybe! Try to publish this book, and continue writing. Don't forget to improve your skills, and try to find a job that will be connected to writing – you can become a journalist, a report writer, or an online author in a writing company. And you will be happy because your work will inspire you and it will give you meaning. Try to feel the connection with things you love and follow them!
[b]3. Feel inspired[/b]
When you will be engaged in a work you love, you will feel inspired and you will inspire other people too. Inspiration is the most great feeling a person can experience, so let yourself feel inspired! This will bring to you and others a lot of positive energy. That's why we suggest follow your dream. Don't give up on your way!
[b]4. Listen to your heart[/b]
Be prepared that you will meet a lot of people that will try to say what you have to do. Usually, students get a lot of criticism from their parents, relatives, friends, and even some teachers. Of course, they can tell you to change your mind with kindly intentions, but you should listen only to yourself and choose what you want. Remember, there are a lot of people who became doctors, teachers, or managers because their parents wanted this. These people are mostly unhappy with their job, and they regret about their wrong choice.
[b]5. Studying at college doesn't mean working[/b]
When you are studying in the university, the main goal of education is to learn students how to find something they are interested in, and then learn how to think, talk, and write about it. All these skills are needed at work. During studying, you can get some new ideas, and understand what things attract you the most.
[b]6. Take your opportunity[/b]
When you do something you love, it can open doors to many opportunities. It's important to understand this and to see new chances. You never know where your way will lead you, so just do something you are involved into. Make efforts for excellence, study what you love, and this may lead you to the job you love too.

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