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Students And PDF

One of groups of the population that most often uses the PDF format is, of course, students. In general, the number of electronic devices in our time is unusually high and Internet promotes the active use of electronic formats in educational processes. There is an effective communication within the student-teacher.
E-mail is the main way of communication within the walls of the university (and outside university’s walls too). Students and teachers can communicate by e-mail. Students ask their questions, send homework and unsuccessful students ask when they can be approached for a reset. In general, email is irreplaceable and very convenient. I'm using a standard email client.
In today's world, there should be less paper. In order not to load your bags with excess waste paper, almost all teachers and students use electronic versions of textbooks. Of the three groups where I’m teacher, only five or six students carry "analog" books, all the rest are tablets, laptops or, at worst, smartphones with large displays.
Almost all textbooks are stored in .pdf, so it is very important to find a convenient program for such files. Some students prefer to convert from [url=]PDF to Doc[/url].
To make everything beautifully open you need a nice and easy program for working with PDF. The standard "View", which is installed by default in OS X, is ideal for this purpose. In addition, "View" remembers the last position, so before each lesson, I do not have to scroll through the virtual textbook to a certain page. This program is also useful for viewing PDF cheat sheets. In addition to this, there is an online converter from PDF to Word, if you need a more common type of file or corrections -
When I was practicing, I was sure that the tablet is the best gadget for a teacher. Textbooks, a dictionary, a teacher's book are all at hand. But buying a compact laptop has put an end to the use of the tablet. The slim notebook is almost the same as the tablet in size and lightness, but on the laptop, you can simultaneously run several programs (Evernote, pdf with the textbook and translator) and greatly speed up the process of working with the text. It's really much more convenient than scrolling running programs on the tablet.
That's all. These tools are quite enough for comfortable preparation and conducting classes in English. Periodically, I try to implement new systems or use other services, but as a rule, the above tools help me easily cope with the tasks.

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