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Health has always been quite uncertain. Everyone tries their best to keep themselves fit, but after a certain point in life, the expenses on healthcare do mount up. It is better to keep yourself heal, healthy and insured under healthcare plans to ensure that the medical expenses are well taken care of.
If you take into account the individual healthcare insurance covers in the US, they are basically designed to aid individuals as well as their families access the needed care and cover the medical expenses of receiving the medical services from any hospital, physician or other providers.
There are different types of health care plans available, but it is imperative that you learn about [url=]hmo vs epo[/url] first:
[ul][li]Health Maintenance Organizations[/li][li]Exclusive Provider Organization[/li][/ul][b]Health Maintenance Organization[/b]
An HMP basically offers prepaid benefits for most of the healthcare requirements with no claim forms or bills. It provides services through a specific group of hospital, doctors and other providers who are in an HMO agreement. To consider an HMO option, you must be living in an area which is supported by the HMO network.
[ul][li]You can opt for a Primary Care Physician from a list of physicians [/li][li]They co-pay everything you visit a provider[/li][li]The services rendered by a provider which has been referred by the PCP or the primary care physician themselves are reimbursed[/li][li]HMO offers preventive care and relies on the Utilization Management aspect to control costs[/li][/ul][b]Exclusive Provider Organization[/b]
The EPO plans are very much like the HMO plans. The benefits are offered within a particular contracted network of hospitals and physicians with no out-of-network benefits offered.
[ul][li]You can pick a primary care physician from the list of physicians provided.[/li][li]You are needed to pay a certain co-payment every time you visit a provider. There are no deductable though.[/li][li]Services rendered by the primary care physicians or by a provider who has been referred to by the primary care physicians will be reimbursed.[/li][li]EPOs do provide preventive care and mainly rely on the Utilization Management to control expenses.[/li][/ul]

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