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Falcon-Patriots Betting Pandemonium

[b]New England Patriots Beat Atlanta Falcon with 34-28[/b]
Live at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, United States many people witnessed the Super Bowl 51 this February 5, 2017. One of the most exciting events they have witnessed is the football game.
With the total attendance of 70,807, audiences witnessed the fantastic moments on football made by New England Patriots against Atlanta Falcon with the score of 34-28. Some people voted for Atlana Falcon but most of them voted for New England Patriots.
Predictably, [url=]60 percent of bettors[/url] have taken New England minus the three points, according to OddsShark, but the line has not moved from the original spread. It's almost like Las Vegas knows something we don't. Is Atlanta about to drop the hammer on New England?
[b]Series of Outrage[/b]
One of the most interesting news is that there has been series of outrage of people who bet for Falcons to win. Hearing that Patriots has won, these people went ballistic posting videos on YouTube, tweets on Twitter and many more they can think of.
One of them was 2 Chainz, an American rapper who has lost $100k betting on Falcons VS Patriots at the event. He was overexcited just like any fan would be. Same with Atlanta Rappers who have placed their bets on Falcons has lost millions of their money betting on the Falcons.
“Hey listen man all you Patriots fan, I’ve been looking for you; you have been hiding. I need everybody who needs anything to put in this game and I’m taking it on me…” T.I. said.
So aside from 2 Chainz, Atlanta Rappers like T.I., Bow Wow, DC Young and Migos have been complaining much losing their money in the game.
“Did anyone say Patriots were probably the best dynasty in the history of NFL? If they are not first then they are probably second…” a gambler said.
Many complaints were written in comments about [url=]Jon Price Sports Information Traders[/url]. They’re found online.
[b]Watch and Enjoy the Show and Forget About Betting[/b]
So if ever you have been thinking of going to the Super Bowl, all you have to do there is just watch. We know football is so fun but to think about betting on a team, it is quite risky to do these.
Just enjoy the show! Enjoy sports without betting! Losing much money can become a big problem.

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