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The Amazing Traits of Great Beef Jerky

You come across several packages of jerky sitting on the shelves at the convenience and grocery stores, and it is always the similar two or three brands.

But are you aware of the fact that there are literally a thousand different brands of jerky that are selling across the USA? Some of them are more expensive and some are just available in limited quantities.

How you do know if you are actually getting value for your money for an expensive jerky brand? How can you differentiate between cheap jerky and good jerky?

[b]Does it taste like real meat?[/b]

Most of the jerky brands are so full of preservatives, tenderizers and sugar that all of the natural meat flavors just go away. Bite into one piece and see you can taste the actual flavor of beef, just as you would taste in a chunk of roast trip-tip or grilled streak. Check out more details on the best beef jerky [url=]Made by Bigwig Jerky Co[/url]

[b]Does it chew like real meat?[/b]

Some of the beef jerky brands either have a lot of sugar that it actually becomes gummy, as if you are eating a price of fruit chew, or meat that has been cooked for too long and now has become crumbly. Sometimes, brands just add the meat tenderizers that make it extremely mushy. Good beef jerky should feel as if you are eating a real steak piece as it has been chewed down to a soft mass.

[b]What Is That String stuff?[/b]

Mass produced beef jerky makes use of low grades of beef that is filled with the stringy sinews, unchewable tissues and rubbery gristle. Worse yet, you perhaps find large steaks and chunks of fat. On the other hand, good beef jerky should be completely lean, practically pure meat. It is quite okay to have tiny streaks and flecks of fat, as this is going to add the ‘beefy’ flavor. But a lot of fat will cause the meat to taste like rancid.

[b]Does it make you want to have more?[/b]

Perhaps the best test of the best beef jerky is if it wants to make you want more of it, just like eating fries. This is a trait where you find yourself eating more than one piece and there is just no stopping to it. Beef jerky is basically a snack food, and it is able to satisfy your urge to snack, then you have found the best beef jerky for sure!

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