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Things To Consider While Purchasing A Tankless Water Heater

Energy consumption and the impact of energy on the environment are the things that call for a number of changes in our lives. Homeowners are becoming more and more active in this regard and they are changing their home appliances in order to save themselves some bucks on the energy bills and take part in making the environment green.
Water heater is the one home appliance that consumes almost 30 to 40% of your house energy. If you get a little intelligent and replace it with some energy efficient alternative, you can reduce your energy bills by almost 30%.
Tankless water heaters are the energy efficient alternatives for your tanked units. Although it is not a new invention but still majority of the people do not know how to purchase tankless water heaters for their houses. So here are a few things that you need to consider while purchasing a tankless water heater.
[b]Things to Consider While Purchasing a Tankless Water Heater:[/b]
There are number of things that are important to consider while making a purchase of the tankless water heater. Below are listed these things:
[ol] [li][b]Type of Tankless Water Heater:[/b][/li] [/ol] All the rest of the things that you are required to consider depends on the type of tankless water heater you choose to install. You have an electric tankless water heater and gas tankless water heater as an option to choose. Both have some benefits and some drawbacks and the choice totally depends upon the user. You can read the [url=]electric tankless water heater reviews[/url] in order to make a purchase.
[li][b]Initial Purchasing Cost:[/b][/li] [/ol] The initial purchasing cost of the tankless water heaters is usually high but considering the electric units, they are comparatively expensive than the gas units.
[li][b]Monthly Operational Cost:[/b][/li] [/ol] The monthly operational cost of the tankless unit is also a worth considering point. The electric tankless water heaters usually have high operational cost as compared to the gas units. However, the electric units are more energy efficient than the gas units.
[li][b]Water Needs:[/b][/li] [/ol] Water needs of a family also matters a lot while purchasing the water heater. Electrical units are good for low to moderate water requirements. However, if large amount of hot water is needed, gas tankless water heaters should be used.
[li][b]Life Span:[/b][/li] [/ol] Both gas and electric tankless water heaters have long life span of 20 years but it differs from brand to brand so it is good to consider it before purchasing.

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  • Jordan Weiss

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    Thank you Gerry's blog for this really well and good post also about the instant water heater. Indeed these are the things one should consider before making any purchase, look forward to more on this.

    Friday, December 7, 2018 at 12:57:57 PM

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