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Resources for Teaching Your Children to Code

Not every school offers coding classes, so it can be left up to parents to teach their children to code. Not to worry, though, because there are many resources available online for parents to introduce their children to thinking like a computer scientist and to help them create coding projects that keep them engaged and wanting to learn more. Here are some beginner coding resources for you to use with your kids from [url=]DevelopIntelligence[/url].
First, check out Googles Made with Code project. This project is focused on getting young girls into coding and to become professionals in the computer science field. The projects are easy to do, but there are projects that are suitable for both beginner and intermediate coding students. The resources section is updated with new offerings every so often.
MIT offers resources for parents from its Media Lab Scratch staff. Kids love to learn to code with Scratch, and it helps children who are true beginners learn to program by jumping right in. The program allows children to create animations and tales using blocks that act like computer code structure. Its easy to use, and it provides a beginner user guide to help parents and children alike get started. It comes in both a web-based and PDF version.
You can also check out Tynker, which is a collection of games that allow kids to learn to think in computer science ways and to learn programming. Tynkers Hour of Code activities are a good place to get started in exploring all the resources it has to offer. Head over to the Parents section to get some guidance on where to start and how to make the most of the site.
Another great resource for teaching your kids to code is, which was started in 2013 to help get computer science learning into schools and for minority students. The site started out as an advocacy tool but has some good lessons on coding as well. It serves as a repository of tutorials from other sites and also provides lessons like the K-8 Introduction to Computer Science.
Common Sense Media pulled together a list of apps and websites to help people to learn to code. The site offers reviews of different popular programming tools. The reviews are from teachers, and the programs are reviewed on the criteria like engagement, ease of use, and quality.
Finally, check out Khan Academys computing lessons. These are courses your child can take at their own pace to learn about different coding topics. The range of tutorials on Khan range from very beginning to more advanced, so your child can learn something, no matter what coding level theyre at. One resource is Teaching Kids Programming with Khan Academy by Patrick Ryan.
Some organizations and resources that offer help for students learning to code include CSUnplugged, CoderDojo, Black Girls Code,, Hour of Code, MIT App Inventor, Teaching Kids Programming, Code Monster, and Stencyl.

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