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[i][b]Counter-Strike[/b][/i] (also marketed as [i][b]Half-Life: Counter-Strike[/b][/i]) is a multiplayer first-person shooter initially created by Minh Le and Jess Cliffe as a mod for [i]Half-Life[/i]. By the fifth beta, Valve Softwarestarted actively participating in the development and ultimately bought the rights to the game and offered the original developers jobs at the company which both of them accepted.
After about a year in Beta stages, the first full release of the mod was published on November 9, 2000 and the game was also available at retailers in North America shortly thereafter, on November 14, 2000.
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Since the creation of the franchise, various sequels and spinoffs have been created, such as [i]Counter-Strike: Condition Zero[/i], [i]Counter-Strike: Source[/i], and the latest in the series, [i]Counter-Strike: Global Offensive[/i].
Gameplay[i]Main article: Gameplay[/i]
The fast-paced and team-oriented gameplay of [i]Counter-Strike[/i] has stayed relatively the same throughout the years. In it, two teams, the Counter-Terrorists and the Terrorists, fight to complete an objective or eliminate the opposing team. Although basic, it is considered one of the most revolutionary online games of all time. The original Counter-Strike came exclusively with multiplayer, without computer-controlled players. Over time, however, several server-side modifications have added bots for in-game use and bots were officially introduced in its later successors, [i]Counter-Strike (Xbox)[/i] and [i]Counter-Strike: Condition Zero[/i].
Game modes[i]Counter-Strike[/i] has been praised worldwide for its highly competitive multiplayer. The decision to make the game multiplayer only roots back to its mod origins. Doing a single-player game would have entailed much more work as new models and AI code would have been needed for enemies as opposed to a multiplayer game which requires considerably less work.[2]
There are three official scenarios, each with their own teams, objectives, and maps. In all cases, the two teamsare the Counter-Terrorists face off against the Terrorists.
In the original retail release, a short single-player only training map was included but this was removed when the game was transferred to Steam.
ScenariosThere are three official scenarios in [i]Counter-Strike[/i]: Assassination, hostage rescue and bomb defusal. A fourth scenario, known as escape, existed during the [i]Counter-Strike Beta[/i]. The scenario itself is still playable, but all of the official maps were removed prior to the game's release.
Hostage rescue
Two hostages in Office
[i]Main article: Hostage rescue[/i]
In this scenario hostages are being held by the Terrorists. Official maps feature between 3 and 5 hostages, though most maps feature 4 hostages. The Counter-Terrorist team needs to rescue these hostages by escorting them to a hostage rescue zone. The Terrorists must prevent the hostages from being rescued. Victory can also be attained by eliminating the opposing team.
Bomb defusal
[i]Main article: Bomb defusal[/i]
This scenario features two bombsites and one Terrorist starts off with a C4. The bomb must be planted at either bombsite. After the bomb has been planted, it will explode after a certain amount of time. During this time, Counter-Terrorists may attempt to defuse the bomb and successful defusal will make the Counter-Terrorists victorious. If the bomb explodes, the Terrorists will win the round. It is also possible to win a round by eliminating the opposing team.
VIP in Oilrig
[i]Main article: Assassination[/i]
This scenario is the least popular of the three and only a single map, Oilrig, is featured in the latest release of the game. In this scenario a single player on the Counter-Terrorist team takes the role of a VIP that must make it to a VIP escape zone. Some maps feature only one escape zone while others feature multiple escape zones. The Terrorists have to take out the VIP and successfully eliminating the VIP will yield victory to the Terrorists. Both teams have a restricted arsenal of weapons available for purchase. Like in other scenarios, victory can also be attained by eliminating the opposing team.
Maps[i]Counter-Strike[/i] features a large variety of maps that take place in different environments including urban, arctic, jungle and desert settings. During the post-beta stages, maps were still rotated in the official distribution on a slightly smaller scale. Since the release of Counter-Strike 1.6, no maps have been added or removed from the game.
It should be noted that the majority of maps for the game were created by people that were originally simply hobbyist mappers. When Valve Software later bought the rights to [i]Counter-Strike[/i] and its content these became the first works published at retail for many of the level designers.[3]

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