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A Challenge for YOU: 52 Week Letter Campaign

...and a postage stamp is not required!

I am excited to launch the 52 Week Letter Campaign today! It's a pledge for EVERYONE to write a letter (send a message) to a Givology student every week.

Watch the video -->

WHAT? The idea behind the campaign is to provide moral support and encouragement in addition to the generous monetary donations for our students. The campaign asks participants to send a message to one student every week for 52 weeks! These messages can be any length your heart desires.

WHEN? Now! The pledge will be open for the next few months. The campaign will conclude in December of 2011.

Create an account with Givology if you haven't already.
Browse student profiles here
Once you're on the student's profile, click on the Message Me link under their picture. Send them the message here! Your letter will be translated and sent to the student.

WHY? Because YOU could be the reason a student stays in school and succeeds.
Put a smile on a face.
It's a random act of kindness and doesn't require a tremendous amount of effort.

Think about it. If at least 100 people pledge to write letters with me, together over the next 52 weeks, we would SEND OVER 5,200 LETTERS!
Why not?


Dear Serah,

Thanks for being such an inspiration to Givology. You have such a selfless and compassionate character, and the role of a doctor is perfect for you! I love this idea because I know you would attend to people in your community and make a huge difference. Stories like your own fuel our motivation to continue our work with the organization.
Givology adores you and your dedication. Continue studying because we want to see you become the doctor you're meant to be!

Stay positive and smile tons,

Now stop reading this blog post
Write letters now!

....because the potential is endless.

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