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Carrying Lighter Paper Works Thru Digitizing

There are certain types of professionals that are exposed to dealing with documents and [url=]digital image[/url] files every day. There are certain professions that deal with enormous amounts of files, some of them are written on paper and some are already in digital form. The thrust of most companies to shift to the digitalization of all their documents to save paper wastage is becoming popular to help in the sustenance of the mother earth. For this reason, machines that [url=]scan photos[/url] and documents are invested on by small and big companies alike to cope up with the digital age.
[color=rgb(102, 102, 102)][font=Verdana, sans-serif]Since most stores especially the progressive ones already use business machines that use computers for almost all of their transactions, there is a big probability that their paper-based transactions are decreased significantly and most of their transactions and correspondences are already in digital forms so no paper based printouts and documents are already needed. All of their daily transactions are already recorded on the hard drives so there is no longer a need for printouts as the backup system.[/font][/color]
Most companies that are required to keep their previous records intact for a certain number of years make use of rooms filled with filing cabinets that contain these files. Some of them opted to convert them to their digital form through scanners like the [url=]VuPoint Magic Wand[/url] that they can carry around ready for immediate and portable use. Once they have already made the scanning, the original documents are shredded if not burned. The need to do these shredding and burning is important to protect the security and the privacy of the companies so that important and highly classified data are not thrown out in the open. But there are certain companies that are really wary of the digital system of archiving because of the fact that most computers are online and this interconnection permits access of files even in different locations. This exposes these files from probably hacking by individuals who are in the know when it comes to the ways of the internet. Files that are not properly encrypted and password protected are prone to information theft that can be very vital to the operation and the security of a company.
[color=rgb(102, 102, 102)][font=Verdana, sans-serif]What these doubting companies do not realize is that digital files can be password protected individually. This means that only the owners of each file can actually open the file; only the person who knows the password have the ability to decrypt and open these files. Unless the persons share his password for a file to another person, the file that is stolen cannot be of use to the one who stole it. Opening encrypted files can only show them garbage. They need the key to open these files. If you are an employee who deals with assorted documents daily who wants to do away with carrying heavy documents, you can ask your company to invest in a portable scanner so that having a copy of all this information is no longer a heavy task.[/font][/color]


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