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Biggest Symptoms And Signs Children Have When They Have Food Allergies

Children and babies should always be closely administered after feeding them something. Specially in infants, it’s a thumb rule to always wait before introducing any new food, and watch how the body reacts to the introduction of the new food. Therefore, if you are introducing a new food into the diet list of the new born or a toddler, or even your child of 5-10 years, you must be very sure that you watch the reaction.
However, an interesting fact is that, not always are food allergies caused by a new food. Often the body strangely reacts to an old food that the child may have eaten a thousand times. That is why to introduce food gently, and also to watch and keep an eye on the children after they have eaten something is both important. Sometimes symptoms only will tell you, that the body is reacting highly to a food, and a sudden allergy has sprung up. Here are some of the biggest [url=]food allergy symptoms[/url] that you would notice in a baby or child.
Hives Hives are patches of swelled skin. The skin swells, and may get a red color or stay the same color. Itching generally accompanies hives and mild to strong itching makes the kid restless and causes enough irritation and pain. In rare cases the hives may be without itches. Often the first hive may develop at the back of the body. However, this may start from other portions too. The hives can be localized to a few spots on the body, or may appear through the whole body skin.
Itching in the mouth The oral cavity may itch. Also lips may swell and start to itch. Swelling of the tongue can also be seen, and also itching through the internal oral cavity and across the throat is experienced. The itching can be felt much inside the throat, and discomfort, tingling sensation, swelling etc. may accompany.
Dry rash Dry rashes and itches may also come with food allergies in children. There may not be any swelling or hives. Only redness of the skin and persistent itching with some rashes may come on.
Stomach pain Pain in the stomach can be caused due to allergies from food. Children often experience food allergies and associated cramps in stomach. This may be a short time cramp, or the pain may persist for hours too.
Diarrhea This is another problem when the stool passes in loose motion, and body expels out much of the water and minerals. That is why natural salts are lost from the body, and indigestion, stomach pain, bloating and cramping are all experienced. The kid may pass stools multiple times through the day in loose motion and experience severe weakness and body imbalance due to the condition.
Other Symptoms Vomiting is another problem you see, and then again nausea is also experienced by many children. Besides, nasal congestion and runny nose, sneezing and coughing are instant symptoms seen in many children. Redness around the eyes, watery eyes, and swelling of the face only, are also seen.

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