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20-1:1 Holiday Challenge

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This is the official headquarters of the <strong>20-1:1 Givology Annual Holiday Challenge</strong>! Let’s make 2011 the year of 1:1 giving. <br /> <br /><strong>Between December 15th and January 31st, you can register and participate in this challenge by joining <a href="">our giving team.</a></strong> <br /> <br />Once you’ve completed the challenge, please write about your experiences in a <br />blog post on this Holiday Challenge Page, and be eligible for a prize for <br />innovative ideas and reflections! It doesn’t take more than 15 minutes a day on average, and you can win some awesome prizes. <br /> <br /><strong><u>Prizes for Participation</u></strong>: <br /><strong>Everyone</strong>: A special holiday surprise from the team and a Givology gift voucher for matched funding! <br /> <br /><strong>Get five or more friends to complete the challenge</strong>: Cash and small gift prizes! <br /> <br /><strong>For the best blog entries and ideas</strong>: <br />Copy of <em><a href="">Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide</a></em>, by <br />Nicholas Kristof, columnist for the New York Times (top entry) <br /><a href="">Khaya Cookies</a> (2nd and 3rd prize) <br /><a href="">Givology Gift Certificates</a> (4th and 5th prize) <br /> <br />The best entries will be featured on our site and in our newsletter! <br /> <br /><strong><u>Details of the Challenge</u></strong>: <br />Between December 15th and January 31st, commit to spending five days (does not have to continuous) in total to spread the word about Givology. <br /> <br />The <strong>FIRST STEP</strong> before you get started with the project is to register <br />yourself on this form: <strong><a href="">Holiday Campaign 20-1:1 Registration</a></strong> <br /> <br /> <br />One of the requirements for registering is to type in the emails of a <strong><em>minimum of five friends to spread the message of the project</em></strong>. We will contact your friends on your behalf! If five or more friends complete the project, you will earn an additional cash/small gift prize. <br /> <br /><strong><u>DAY ONE</u></strong>: Spend 10 minutes on Givology’s site. Register for an <br />account and join our Annual Holiday Challenge! Make a blog post on the Holiday Challenge blog introducing yourself – where you are from, your interests, and why education matters to you (1-2 paragraphs). If you can, make a small contribution to a <a href="">project</a> or <a href="">student</a> of your choice. <br /> <br /><strong><u>DAYS TWO, THREE, FOUR</u></strong>: For each of the days, pick a different activity from the list of <br />activities below! When you’ve completed your activity, just add to the blog <br />posts currently on this page! <br /> <br />• <strong>Spread the Word</strong>: Send a message to 20 friends to register and join the Givology community [<a href="">click to send a message to friends!</a>] and invite 20 friends to join our <a href="">Facebook, Twitter, and/or Linked-in Networks.</a> <br /> <br />• <strong>Message a Student or Project</strong>: Write one letter to a student or project featured on Givology [<a href="">read &quot;a message about messaging&quot;</a>] <br /> <br />• <strong>Plan a Microfundraiser</strong>: Get a group of friends together brainstorm ideas for a potential microfundraiser later this year [<a href="">what is a microfundraiser?</a>]. Jot down some of your best ideas and post them on the Holiday Challenge blog! Set a date to make the event happen where you are if you feel up to it! Some great ideas for the holidays include: <br />o Selling hot chocolate <br />o Holding an ice skating party <br />o Hosting a dinner party for Givology <br />o Holding a bake sale <br /> <br />• <strong>Be an Advocate for Education</strong>: Pick up a copy of <em><a href="">Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide</a></em> to inspire a discussion with friends or just get together for some hot chocolate, cookies (we recommend <a href="">Khaya Cookies</a>- don&#39;t forget our coupon code &quot;GIVOLOGY&quot; for 20% off!), and have a great discussion about education. Jot down some thoughts about the discussion and anything you took away from the discussion in a post on the Holiday Challenge blog. <br /> <br />• <strong>Share a Cause</strong>: Pick a cause on Givology and make sure to tell someone at work, school, or daily life about that cause! Show your friend the Givology page for the cause and get him or her to register. Write about the conversation and anything you may have learned from it on the Holiday Challenge blog! Form a group and give back to Givology as a group! <br /> <br />• <strong>Design a Givology graphic</strong>: Put your creative digital photography, photoshop, or artistic skills to work by creating a design for a Givology campaign graphic and post your picture online on the Holiday Challenge blog, and <a href="mail to:">email the graphic to us</a>! <br /> <br />• <strong>Give us Feedback</strong>: Take a look at our website and write down some recommendations you have for us to improve our layout and features. Write your comments in a post on the Holiday Challenge blog! <br /> <br /><strong><u>DAY FIVE</u></strong>: Congratulations on completing the annual holiday <br />challenge! Write a post on our Holiday Challenge blog (2-3 paragraphs) with <br />some reflections on your experiences in taking this challenge and any exciting ideas you might have for Givology to better serve its cause from your five days of Givology cheer! <br />